Latin Roots Music Workshops

AMLA (Artists and Musicians of Latin America) presents Latin Roots, an illustrated lecture of sound and dance where participants dive into an interactive canopy of rhythms, melodies, and deep cultural awareness. The story of the Americas synthesizes cultures forming a new musical identity. In Latin Roots, you discover with artist Pedro Gely and our AMLA musicians the interconnected weaving of African, European, and indigenous people through music to create a new identity unique to Latin America. 

Students participate by playing music, dancing, and singing with our artists. Our musical journey takes you through the Amazonian rainforest, the streets of old San Juan, and the Mountainous regions of Peru with the Quechuan people. Explore and play with us!

Please contact Daniel de Jesús, Music Education Director for AMLA at Esperanza, for more details. ddejesus@esperanza.us

  • Latin Roots with Pedro Gely and AMLA musicians is a 1.5-hour presentation $1500 in-person presentation with three musicians/ dancers.
  • Images of Latin Roots with Pedro Gely $800 for a one-person presentation with visuals and audio-only.


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